Our purpose is simple – multiply our money 10 times in 30 days.

To those pessimists We will say “Do you know how hard it is to pick a jet plane? There are so many types.”

But We know what those, always suspicious, peoples are talking about: the UPSSS.. moment or as you might know it the SH*T moment.

Well, those things happen. That’s why we recommend having 3 times your initial cash ( in our case 10×3= 30 $).

When you are at a stage below 20 $ and the SH*T occurs you can rebuy and continue .

Otherwise we suggest just starting over.

When you feel like you have earned enough, you can split, withdraw or do whatever you want because it’s your money.

You have to remember, that the primary purpose of this site is to satisfy your need for gambling by giving you small dosage each day. Winning cash is just very nice by- product.

We will post a screenshot of our betting every day, so if you lose we lose.